At the car dealership

At the car dealership

I try to bring my sketchpad and draw whenever I have to sit and wait. It’s very gratifying and time certainly goes by quicker. It’s also like having a dog or a baby. People want to talk to you. Now, if I could only discipline myself to do this more often; for the joy of it, not just because I’m bored.

Summer afternoon watercolor

Memorial Park watercolorI painted this en plein air last Sunday afternoon in Houston’s Memorial Park. It’s been very hot of late, but I really love late afternoons this time of year; the smells, the light, the sound of the cicadas. It was about 5 o’clock when I went out. As usual, I purposefully did not try to find an ideal spot; partially because my time window was short and partially for the challenge of just painting the first spot I come upon. In my haste to leave the house, I forgot a water receptacle, so just used my empty paper coffee cup.

This was my second attempt. I flipped the page and started again after a false start, and consoled myself by realizing that I probably needed to loosen up first. Painting a jumble of foliage and trees is very challenging. So is capturing the light, which was coming from the front and right. A great trick I learned from my watercolor hero John Pike is to start to paint the back-lit leaves with a first wash of yellow, then add progressively darker greens on top. It really does work.

The finished painting is about 11 by 8 inches and took about an hour-and-a-half.

A new home

Framed watercolor

One of my Facebook connections saw my post about this watercolor (see two posts ago) and asked if it was for sale. “Yes!”, I said. She showed it to a collector-relationship of hers and she bought it.  Virtually all of the art on this site is available for purchase. I also accept commissions. Can you say “holiday gifts?” Having informed all of you of that, a couple of FYIs: The actual watercolor is eleven and a half by nine and a half inches. Except for the painting itself, in the image you see posted here, the frame, matte, background and “SOLD” banner are all digitally created in Photoshop and Illustrator. I love doing that.