Portrait of a Clergyman

Portrait of a ClergymanI’ve always admired the art of, and particularly this painting done in 1516, by Albrecht Dürer  from the National Gallery in D.C. Particularly when I read this description of the painting from the Gallery’s voluminous volume of selected works, and Dürer’s ability to:

“lay open the fine net-work of the heart and brain of man”…”to make us see deep into the soul until we understand, for example, the character of this ugly, resolute individual, whose personality, flashing out through luminous and asymmetrical eyes, exerts a powerful spell. His is the face of the Reformation”.

So I thought I would make my own attempt to capture him.

Self portrait

A self portrait of Barry GremillionMy very first drawing of myself. Warts and all. Am sure it won’t be the last. Had a feeling it would be challenging, but it was much more than I thought it would be. I’ve been obsessing about doing this for a few weeks, so when my wife was at an event last night, I grabbed a small art deco mirror from our dining room wall and propped it on the sofa. I sat with my drawing pad on my lap and a stick of soft graphite in hand. On second look it’s a tad distorted but I think it captures a certain something about my personality. Certainly my sense of humor! An Alice Nealish quality; don’t you think?